How Technology Helps to Sell Your Car Fast?

How Technology Helps to Sell Your Car Fast?

Automotive dealerships have been undergoing a technological change in the last decade that is both swift and a real game changer. Gone are the days when a fast-talking salesman in a too-ugly sports jacket was depended on to nail the sale every time a customer walked in the door. Today’s auto dealership has a vast array of technology at its fingertips that help it know their potential customer before they even arrive at a dealership.

From automotive BDC software that formulates opportunities to tablets that gather all the right information in the right place, technology is changing the way dealers sell and we buy our cars. Here are just a few highlights of those game changing upgrades you will see the next time you walk into your friendly neighborhood car dealership.

Software for Understanding Customers

With so many potential car buyers searching online for that next great buy, is it any wonder that most dealerships have turned to software to give them a greater understanding of what these buyers want? The latest tool in most dealerships today is a piece of complicated but handy software call an automotive BDC or Business Development Center. This software is usually offered by third party developers who specialize in certain industries with data and statistics that can help dealerships look long and hard at their industry and their role in it.

The software analyzes buying and researches trends online to see what people are looking for, giving the dealership key phrases for marketing. This increases traffic to the website, a first stop for most car buyers when researching their next car online. Coupled with an integration with call centers and information on past buyers, the software develops a broad stroke look at what kinds of cars customers want, what objections they have or how they perceive certain brands. These are all fabulous tools in the hands of an experienced car salesperson.

Hardware to Deliver Information

If you have walked into a car dealership showroom lately, you may have noticed something new in the hands of many of the sales staff in the room. That would be the tablet, and it is becoming the most important tool that any salesperson can have when walking a potential customer around the room. At their fingertips are stats on all the models shown, information on safety records, even perhaps a blow-up of the engine to show those geeks who would love to backyard mechanic this baby.

From details on what options are available on every model to what kind of financial package can be created for the individual buyer, the tablet allows a salesperson to look up whatever they need. They don’t have to look up information away from the floor, leaving their carefully groomed customer at the mercy of stray thoughts, errant concerns or preying other salespeople eager for the sale.

After the Sale

Even after a sale has been made and the happy customer leaves with the car of their dreams, technology continues to connect them to the dealership. Most auto dealerships have newsletters and other types of post sales marketing to stay in touch with all past customers. These can do everything from offer great trade in deals on that car in a year or two to entice them back to inviting them to the local high school car wash that the dealership is hosting.

Between online marketing, social media hits and that all-important inbox marketing through a newsletter, most auto dealerships work hard to keep the connection open with that customer. Keeping them happy and thinking of the dealership when it is time for a new car makes it all pay off in the long run. Technology in the auto dealership is here to stay, and it is paying off in a number of great ways.

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