How to Choose the Right Housing for Security Cameras

How to Choose the Right Housing for Security Cameras

Housing of security cameras involves covering the cameras with sheds or anything that would keep the cameras safe from environmental related elements like dirt, water, and others. Selecting or choosing the right housing should be done after selecting the type of security camera. Note that, with a pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera you are limited to indoor or outdoor because most of them are dome cameras except for limited number of specialty applications found on such cameras as the Hikvision’s.

  • Outdoor

Outdoor cameras should be water resistant and should include blowers and heaters that would allow for environmental variances, especially the backdoor cameras.

  • Bullet

Cameras that look like a box on a post are called bullet cameras, named after sleek cylindrical shape that quite a number of them possess. Whether a small unitized design or a camera housing combination, this provides a better picture and clearly shows the direction of orientation. The front of such housing is nearer to the lens of the camera, making it easier to keep clean by cutting down on reflections. They are also deterrent, but not as effective as housing that masks the orientation.

  • Discreet

Most times, we would want to hide the whole camera using discreet or covert housing. It can be designed to appear as something else such as motion sensor, smoke detector or nothing at all, with flush mount lenses or pinhole lenses mounted on a ceiling or wall. This are not meant to be deterrents but are preferred by architects seeking to achieve a certain artistic impact within a space.

  • Dome

These are houses designated for the concealment of the camera’s orientation, with some carrying out a better job than others. It is certainly a high priority in most applications, and it serves as our default selection as it is generally the best deterrent. When someone cannot be certain about where the security camera is pointing, they simply assume it is pointing in all directions. Thus a fixed dome camera covering a door at the end of the hallway is assumed to be covering the entire hallway.

There is a possibility for all type of housing to be made vandal resistant, a step up from water-resistant, these type of housing, especially the dome type are created to withstand an unfavorable environments while still providing a usable image. Choosing the right housing for your security cameras should be done critically to avoid future regrets.

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