Top Reasons Why Students Fail in Chemistry

Top Reasons Why Students Fail in Chemistry

Many students struggle with chemistry and for very obvious reasons. It’s one of the most difficult subjects being taught in school. It requires both knowledge and skills as well as thorough understanding of different concepts. For some, inquiring about O level chemistry tuition, h2 chemistry tuition, and JC chemistry tuition sounds like an excellent idea in case you need a tutor.

In order to help students pass or excel in chemistry, it’s vital that they themselves know the reasons why they’re not doing well in this subject. To find a solution, it’s important to identify first the roots of the problem. Below are some of the most common reasons why students fail in chemistry:

Lack of good study habits

One of the most common reasons why students fail in chemistry is their poor study habits. Instead of hitting the books, they have many distractors that prevent them from sticking to their study schedule. They’d rather spend time on the internet chatting with friends, watching movies or updating their social media accounts. They no longer take time to study and instead spend a great deal on other less important matters. Oftentimes they turn to cramming during exams or worse, cheating just to get a passing score.


Chemistry can be very complicated especially with all the formulas you have to memorize. One good reason why students fail is because of carelessness. They would immediately answer a question with the first thing to come to their mind without really assessing if it’s correct or not. In terms of multiple choice exams, many students would rather guess the answers than read the questions and choices carefully. Not only that, but they also no longer review their test after answering it.

Poor comprehension

Having a poor comprehension is also a hindrance in getting a good score in chemistry. No matter how hard you memorize every process and formula if you don’t have comprehension, it’s useless. Books provide you with solutions and formulas but if you don’t put them into practice, you will never be able to understand any of them. Chemistry requires comprehension which you can only achieve through studying, practicing and reading regularly.

Students fail in chemistry for various reasons. The good news is it’s something you can avoid. You too can get a good score or even pass chemistry with flying colors. It all starts by establishing a good study habit, being more careful during exams, and be able to comprehend your lessons.

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